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Benefits of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy

Sound healing or sound therapy is an ancient modality of healing that was used in Ancient Greece to cure or treat mental disorders. Traditionally, sound healing was utilized to realign the body, improve emotional well-being, and ward off evil spirits. Luckily for us, sound healing is quickly gaining popularity in the west and its powerful healing capabilities are taking the world by storm.

What is sound healing and Sound Therapy?

Sound healing is a a therapeutic process in which specific tones, vibrations, and frequencies are used to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. There are different practices, like toning with the voice, the sounds of various instruments, sound bowls, digital frequencies, and other methods of sound healing that bring a deep sense of therapeutic relaxation to the listener. During the session, different sounds and techniques are used together for an optimal sound healing experience.

Some styles of sound healing and sound therapy include:

  • Crystal singing bowls

  • Solfeggio frequencies

  • Sounds of nature

  • Tibetan singing bowls

  • Flutes of various kinds

  • Singing and toning

  • Various drums

  • Tuning forks

And many more!

These styles of sound therapy allow clients to reach a deep state of harmony and well-being.

The amazing benefits of sound healing and sound therapy

If you are wondering how listening to certain sounds can improve your health, lower stress levels, and bring you back into harmony. Here are some interesting benefits of sound healing that may surprise you.

1- Relaxes and soothes your muscles and nervous system

As your first session begins, you will feel deeply relaxed. When the sound enters your ears, you will feel like it is bringing your system back to a natural state of harmony. You're stressed muscles will start relaxing, and your parasympathetic nervous system will activate. Bringing you into a deep state of rest and digest.

2- Eases stress and anxiety

Due to our crazy modern-day routine and busy schedules, it can be quite difficult to practice meditation. Sound therapy allows for you to simply lay down and listen to beautiful music/sounds and the relaxation takes care of itself without you having to try. It is common to notice a positive change in your mood and demeanor after every sound healing session.

3- Improves sleep pattern and can help with insomnia

Sound therapy supports your sleep hygiene by helping your nervous system to deeply relax. In fact, you can access deeper levels of rest in a sound therapy session than you would in sleep due to the healing nature of the frequencies and vibrations. This positive impact in your nervous system, will support you in getting proper sleep and help out with any insomnia you may be experiencing.

4- Removes energetic blockages from the body

An energetic blockage can often be the cause of physical fatigue and mental stress. With the help of sound healing, the chakras will be opened and nurtured, and you will experience a smooth and positive energy flow in the body.

5- Improves spiritual well-being and helps with your goals

Sound therapy will clear your mind and relax your body, which will allow spiritual connection to thrive. With your mind, body, and spirit in alignment, you will have the clarity and confidence needed to reach your goals more quickly and with grace.

Get professional sound therapy at Ascend Wellness Studio

If you feel called to experience sound therapy, Ascend Wellness Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, has you covered! We have a highly trained and certified professional sound therapist that is ready to serve you with the magic of sound therapy. Our sound healing facilitator Lois Stagg will provide the best sound therapy experience available in the Acadiana area!

In Conclusion:

Sound healing is a fast and easy way to relax your mind and body after a stressful day or week. With a little help from a professional facilitator, you can easily reach a state of mental and physical relaxation that will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Sound Healing

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