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Benefits of Massage Therapy

If your muscles are sore and your mind is stressed, you may be scrambling, looking for a quick fix or solution. Well, at Ascend Wellness Studio, we have many offerings to support you! More specifically, we would love to recommend massage therapy! A great way to relax your mind and ease any and all bodily pains, there is no better way to nurture your health and well being than a therapeutic massage from an amazing massage therapist.

We highly recommend not considering massage therapy a luxury, as it is a necessary part of any health and wellness routine. It is easily available and not very expensive. We believe that finding the right massage therapist is most of the battle, and once you do, you won’t think twice about getting regular massages.

So, what is Massage Therapy?

Simply, massage therapy is intentional rubbing, pressing, or manipulation of muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons with the intention of creating deep relaxation, healing, and recovery. Massage therapy comes in many forms and can be enjoyed with light strokes, or with application of deep pressure. It really depends on the condition of your muscles and personal preference on what you would like to experience.

Below are some of the different types of massage therapies.

  • Swedish massage

A gentle massage in which deep circular motion, kneading, vibrations, strokes, and tapping movements, all used to relax muscles and energize the body.

  • Sports massage

A deeper, more powerful massage for both professional and rec athletes, to help prevent or treat injuries.

  • Myofascial massage

Stretching and kneading movements used during the massage to relax fascia and muscles. It helps reduce tightness and tension.

  • Deep massage

Deep, slow, and forceful strokes are applied to reach deep muscular layers and connective tissues. It is great for people with muscular damage from injuries.

  • Trigger point massage

Focused on tight muscular fibers, which become painful and tight due to overuse or injuries.

  • Lymphatic massage

Utilization of gentle touch and strokes to detox, and release stress/tension in the muscles.

Benefits of massage therapy

All variations of massage therapy come with a variety of benefits. It is important to know the benefits of the therapy you are choosing, so we have listed many of these benefits below!

society suffers from many mental and physical health problems that surprisingly can be mitigated and eased with the use of Message therapy. Here are a few of the health issues massage therapy can support.

  • Digestive disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Low back pain

  • Insomnia

  • Nerve pain

  • Myofascial pain syndrome

  • Neck and upper back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries and strain

  • Joint pain

2- Helps relieves anxiety, stress, and depression

It is no surprise that we are slammed with responsibility, duties, and an endless to-do list in the modern world that eventually disrupts our mental health. Regular massage therapy can reduce the stress created by the workload. It also helps reduce anxiety and release tension in the body.

3- Improves quality of sleep, and provides your day with more energy

Lack of sleep is a major issue caused by stress and stress causes a lack of sleep. Including massage therapy in your routine will help you fall asleep faster, and you will likely sleep much more deeply due to less stress and fatigue. Massage can also be helpful if you have insomnia which can be massive for mental and physical health.

4- Better range of motion and flexibility

Message therapy can greatly improve your muscles' functionality and range of motion. It relaxes your muscles and connective tissues, improving blood flow, circulation of lymph, and movement of joints. Therefore, you will be able to move freely without pain with regular massage therapy.

5- Improve your immune function and help fight diseases

Studies show that massage therapy can help boost the production of white cells in the body that helps fight against virus and nasty pathogens. Massage can also boost your immune system, stronger protecting your body from day-today exposure to viruses.

Get professional massage therapy at Ascend Wellness Studio

If you need a relaxing and rejuvenating massage therapy routine, Ascend Wellness Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana has what you need!

Our world-class massage therapist Ari, is available with a variety of amazing offerings including massage, Thai massage, Chinese medicine and more. All of his offerings are fantastic for improving your physical and mental health. To know more about his services, and everything else we offer, visit our website now.

Final Verdict

Massage therapy once or twice a month will benefit your mind, body, and spirit greatly. It will help you relax and release all the stress and muscular tension you may cary throughout your day. After a massage, you will notice an improvement in focus and concentration. Which will allow you to work on your projects and goals with a fresh, energetic mind and body!

Massage therapy should be a part of your routine if you want to enjoy all the exceptional physical and mental health benefits it brings. So come visit us at Ascend Wellness Studio and upgrade your health and wellness today!

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