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Christine Bordelon

Meet Christine Bordelon, LMT #LA3034, a talented Yin, Power Flow and Adaptive Flow Yoga Teacher and Orthopedic Massage Therapist with a passion for anatomy, joy, and healing. For 20 years+ her intuitive touch and deep understanding of the body, Christine helps clients connect with their own unique physical and emotional needs. Through personalized sessions, tshe guides others on a journey towards wellness and self-discovery. She is CEO of Align Wellness Academy which offers services in Houma, Lafayette, and surrounding areas.


Sarah E. Murray

Sarah has trained over the past 4 decades in France and the US in Naturopathy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Family Constellations.


She offers diverse bodywork, Crystal Energy Therapy, and Crystal Constellations, a personalized family constellations session. Sarah’s wisdom and years of experience is felt in every session.


She is attuned to each person’s individual needs and listens with such deep sincerity. Sarah is one of a kind!

Call/Text - (302) 507-6548

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Lacey Delaney

Meet Lacey Delaney, the visionary behind Higher Vibrations Bodywork.
As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Lacey LA9967 offers transformative massage therapy sessions at the core of her practice.


With skillful hands and a compassionate approach, she tailors each session to meet the unique needs of her clients, providing profound physical and emotional healing. In addition to her expert massage therapy.

Lacey also offers unique experiences like cacao ceremonies and flower tea gatherings, enhancing the holistic healing journey for her clients.


With a deep respect for the origins of these practices, Lacey creates a safe and nurturing space where clients can connect, heal, and support each other on their transformative journeys.
Join Lacey and experience the magic of holistic healing at Higher Vibrations Bodywork.

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Lindsey Prejean

Prejean Wellness offers Mikao Usui Reiki sessions.  Mikao Usui is the founder of the original lineage of the healing Reiki System.  Reiki means “spiritual energy” but can also be translated as “divine consciousness” “universal life force” or “soul essence”.


This lineage of reiki is closely related to Japanese and Buddhist spiritual traditions which were provided as a disciplined path for humbled students on a quest for enlightenment.  Reiki creates a safe and sacred place for all types of healing to occur.  Whether that healing be related to a physical ailment, emotional, or spiritual. Or even a combination of such.


Adding reiki as an addition to a personal yoga session or as a stand alone session are options that are available with Prejean Wellness. 

All offerings, including couples reiki, are now available at Ascend Wellness Studio & accessible for sign up through the Vagoro app.

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