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Christine Bordelon

Meet Christine Bordelon, LMT #LA3034, a talented Yin, Power Flow and Adaptive Flow Yoga Teacher and Orthopedic Massage Therapist with a passion for anatomy, joy, and healing. For 20 years+ her intuitive touch and deep understanding of the body, Christine helps clients connect with their own unique physical and emotional needs. Through personalized sessions, tshe guides others on a journey towards wellness and self-discovery. She is CEO of Align Wellness Academy which offers services in Houma, Lafayette, and surrounding areas.


Thai Massage 1hr 15min: $120

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Lindsey Prejean

Prejean Wellness offers Mikao Usui Reiki sessions.  Mikao Usui is the founder of the original lineage of the healing Reiki System.  Reiki means “spiritual energy” but can also be translated as “divine consciousness” “universal life force” or “soul essence”.


This lineage of reiki is closely related to Japanese and Buddhist spiritual traditions which were provided as a disciplined path for humbled students on a quest for enlightenment.  Reiki creates a safe and sacred place for all types of healing to occur.  Whether that healing be related to a physical ailment, emotional, or spiritual. Or even a combination of such.


Adding reiki as an addition to a personal yoga session or as a stand alone session are options that are available with Prejean Wellness. 

All offerings, including couples reiki, are now available at Ascend Wellness Studio & accessible for sign up through the Vagoro app.

45 minute Full Body Treatment: $75

60 minute Full Body Treatment: $100

75 minute Full Body Treatment: $125

90 minute Full Body Treatment: $150

Hot Stones - Half body: $15
*free cupping and hot towels

Hot Stones - Full body: $25
*free cupping and hot towels

Private Couples Massage Class: $125

Private Yoga Classes: Price Varies


MIKAO USUI Reiki one on one session: $77.00

*Each session is 45 min to 1 hour in length.  Please arrange for the first session to be as long as 90 minutes.

Party of two Mikao Usui Reiki Session: $135

Bring a pal or life partner and enjoy the reduced rate and zen experience. 

Vinyasa Flow with Reiki Session: $55

Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Reiki - Group Session - up to 4 people: $175

**Cancer and disease treatment, please contact prejeanwellness@gmail.Com directly for custom rates discussion.

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