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Andre Wilson

Andre Wilson is a contrast therapist, Wim Hof Method instructor, yoga teacher, athletic breathwork coach, and creator of the Inner Alchemy Rejuvenation Studio and its formula of elemental therapy.

Andre guides clients through various therapies, including cold plunges, with mindfulness and breathwork techniques designed to calm the nervous system. These techniques enable the maximum benefits to be received in the most enjoyable way possible.

Inner Alchemy mimics the therapeutic elements of nature by combining red and infrared light therapy, contrast hydrotherapy of cold plunge and hot tub, sauna therapy, and breathwork.


Contrast Therapy (Monthly)

Experience the ultimate vitality and recovery modality available with cold and hot exposure + Red light therapy. This is a very powerful and effective healing modality that build resilience in body, mind, and soul all while decreasing inflamation, boosting immunity and so much more.

Light Therapy (Monthly)

Experience the power and efficiency of Red light therapy. This therapeutic modality has been proven to boost immunity, decrease inflammation, and even aid with dementia.

Cold/Hot Plunge (Monthly)

The power and usefulness of hot/cold therapy is taking the world by storm, and we are very happy to offer it in a beautiful and comfortable space at Ascend. Come enjoy the amazing benefits from this wildly popular and growing modality.

The ice is an incredibly beneficial healing element as it potently targets inflammation, boost the immune system, build resiliency, and so much more. Come sharpen your edges and feel the incredibly revitalizing benefits of the cold plunge!

Cold Plunge (Monthly)

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